Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund
The Harry Hampton Memorial Wildlife Fund, Inc. is a private, non-profit corporation which 
partners with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources for the promotion of 
education, research, management and the administration of game and fish laws, which 
will benefit conservation of wildlife, marine and other natural resources in South Carolina.

The South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative is a statewide effort established in 2015 to restore bobwhite populations to early-1980s levels. Based on a plan written by the SC Department of Natural Resources and supported nationally by the NBCI (National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative), the work is directed by the SC Quail Council, a group of government and non-governmental agencies, organizations, and individual landowners. These people bring a wide range of expertise, ideas, and endless enthusiasm to our common goal and are eager to see this part of our sporting heritage return to prominence.

Many residents vividly recall hunting with a father or friend, often on the spur of the moment, and finding half a dozen coveys or more. Bird dogs were part of the family and after school hours were just as likely spent in a field as on a bicycle.

After more than 30 years of declines, we're in danger of losing an entire generation who have never heard a whistle. In addition, many other species of grassland birds are exhibiting substantial declines in SC. This is directly related to declines in the same type of habitat that supported robust quail populations for so many years.

In December 2014, a group of state and federal agencies, conservation groups, sportsmen and landowners formed the South Carolina Quail Council with the goal of planning and carrying out a statewide recovery of bobwhites. Science-based approaches exist and have been proven around the country to have significant impact, often quadrupling quail populations in a few years. Implementing this science is the tough task and requires a coordinated effort between many organizations over a broad area of land.

The Council became the backbone of the South Carolina Bobwhite Initiative, combining existing science and available resources to launch a statewide strategic effort. Where random, isolated efforts have failed in the past, a prioritized plan on a landscape scale is necessary to create lasting results. State biologists identified four regions, called 
Focal Regions, covering almost 9 million acres of land that hold the highest potential for quickly growing coveys of bobwhites.

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